Review of Schiller, Dan (2014) Digital Depression: Information Technology and Economic Crisis

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Richard Hill, October 21, 2014
Disclosure: the author of this review is mentioned in the Acknowledgements section of the reviewed book. Computers and telecommunications have revolutionized and disrupted all aspects of human activity, and even behaviour. The impacts are broad and profound, with important consequences for governments, businesses, non-profit activities, and individuals. Networks of interconnected computer systems are driving many disruptive changes in business practices...

Exposing Love Jehad


Neha Dixit, October 18, 2014
(This is a longer version of piece that originally appeared in www.aljazeera.com). In an exclusive meeting, the victim of ‘love jehad’ from Meerut in North India confesses how she loved and how it was used to create religious divides in India Two months after Meerut and Hapur districts of North India hit the headlines with the most sensational case of ‘Love Jehad’, S, the girl who was allegedly forcefully converted to Islam in the...


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