Indian Cultural Forum
28 Jun 2017
Hindutva has converted this country into a hell where Indians are no longer safe from other Indians. An ideology that has not seen fit to check the…
Vijay Prashad
28 Jun 2017
Meeting US President Donald Trump is an important sign of being a world leader. Modi's base - which sees him as a strong man - is enamoured by the…
P.G. Ambedkar
28 Jun 2017
400 Dalit families in Garagaparru Village, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh have been facing social boycott since May 5, 2017.

Rebel Politik
25 Jun 2017
India will soon need to develop it’s own Lynch Calendar. Who is killed when in which City. Identities will probably always be Muslim, sometimes Dalit…
Newsclick Production
15 Jun 2017
This 4-minute video shows how the cow economy works. It exposes the BJP's absurd cow politics that will undermine the dairy industry and farmers…
Shamsul Islam
14 Jun 2017
Shah conveniently disregarded the fact that Gandhi was murdered by  Hindutva zealots because he was not acting as a leader of the Hindus alone only…