The 13 November Attacks in Paris: the Terror of the Islamic State, the State of Emergency in France, our Responsibilities


Courtesy:europe-solidaire.org, November28, 2015
No to Daesh- no to imperalism Solidarity with the victims! November 13 represents a change in the national and international political situation. The Islamic State (IS, Daesh) has struck again; and even more strongly. In January, the targets were the journalists of Charlie Hebdo, police and Jews. This time, it was the youth of the country that was the target. They did not kill just anyone, just anywhere: they attacked young people, young people in all...

Book Extract: from ‘Hindutva or Hind Swaraj?’


Courtesy: ICF, November 27, 2015
In this last work before his death in 2014, U R Ananthamurthy paints a sharp and prophetic picture of India in the time of full-blown Hindutva. The Indian Cultural Forum is proud to be the first to carry a translated extract from the first chapter of Ananthamurthy’s book – he was one of the first writers to support the idea of an Indian Writers’ Forum. How do I begin this response to the apparent optimism about Modi’s election in...


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