Prabir Purkayastha
22 Oct 2016
The failure of the spectrum auction shows the underlying problems of the sector. The Modi government's tactic of managing the media and claiming…
Biswajit Dhar
22 Oct 2016
We never feel agitated enough to stand up against the existing exploitation of the hapless patients when they seek health services, since we, the…
Adam Johnson
22 Oct 2016
The four presidential and vice-presidential debates did not focus on what the real questions are, what people are in actuality facing but rather…

Apurva Chaudhry, Newsclick Production
28 Sep 2016
The Syrian and Russian side considered this failure to be a breach of faith, compounded by the "mistake" of the US bombing Syrian forces in Deir…
Jürgen Todenhöfer
27 Sep 2016
The not-so-hidden alliance of the US and its NATO allies is described in detail by a commander in Aleppo of al Qaeda's Syrian affiliate, al Nusra.
Conflicts Forum
10 Sep 2016
The key issue on which both the Russians and the Americans are left guessing however, is whether Turkey intends to keep one foot in the NATO camp,…