22 Nov 2017
The breach included the names and driver's license numbers of around 600,000 drivers in the US and some personal information of 57 million Uber users…
Newsclick Team
22 Nov 2017
Hundreds of teachers marched to the Parliament Street in the DUTA Protest Rally against the retrograde recommendations of the 7th CPC, on November 21.
Newsclick Bureau
22 Nov 2017
While Goyal says that the use of diesel engines will be eliminated, plans are on to add 1000 diesel locomotives to the railway’s rolling stock.

V. Arun Kumar
20 Nov 2017
During the liberation struggle, the people rallied behind Mugabe’s band of guerrillas and his call for ‘land to the tillers’.
Vijay Prashad
17 Nov 2017
Zimbabwe’s political transition must be guided by the Constitution and a firm commitment made to uphold the Rule of Law.
Mikaela Nhondo Erksog
16 Nov 2017
What does come as a surprise is optimism that the military will bring about a brighter future.