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Prof. C.P. Chandrasekhar on Union Budget 2009-10

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Newsclick.in Production, 14 July 2009


Rs. 29,000 Cr Coal Scam: Who are the Real Culprits?

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Newsclick Production April 28, 2016


There appears to be a major scam involving some of India’s mightiest companies like Adani Group and Anil Dhurubhai Ambani Group and forty of India’s biggest energy companies. This is currently under the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) scanner. Conservative estimates put the amount involved at nor less that Rs. 29,000 crore, which then is passed onto the electricity consumer in the form of higher power tariffs. 

Black Money and The Nexus with Tax Havens

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Newsclick Production, April 25, 2016


Corporate entities across the world have been using tax heavens to deal with funds. It could either be for tax saving purposes or to route money in and out of the county. The impact of black money and tax havens has come into renewed focus with the recently Panama tax haven paper leaks. It may be the biggest heist in the history of mankind, if the Panama tax haven papers are to be held on to.

Kashmir Valley Needs Dialogue, Not Bullets

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Newsclick Production, April 23, 2016


Jammu and Kashmir has been on the boil for a long time. First the NIT student protests, then the firing in Handwara on protestors, are not isolated events but the consequence of what has been happening in the state for sometime. These incidents also happened just after Mehbooba Mufti Sayeed formed a government in alliance with the BJP. The youth seem today, increasingly disillusioned in Kashmir with the state and central governments. Are we going back to the past? 

Will PWF have an Impact on Tamil Nadu Elections?

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Newsclick Production, April 21, 2016

Srinivasan Ramani1.png

Tamil Nadu has traditionally seen alliances lead by two parties dominating the polls and fight it out amongst themselves. However, 2016 assembly poll is an exception with the entry of People’s Welfare Front – a six party alliance. What impact will this alliance formed in 2015 have on the outcome of the elections? Though, many don’t bet on this alliance coming out victorious in the elections and forming a government, due to the non-consolidated support base across the state, it can spoil the party of either AIADMK or DMK. To discuss the Tamil Nadu elections and the undercurrents Newclick interviewed Srinivasan Ramani, Deputy National Editor, The Hindu. According to him the newly formed six party combine - the People’s Welfare Front is not expected to win the elections, but it will have an impact on the outcome of the elections. “This is the first time you are seeing a viable third front in Tamil Nadu. Even if it is not going to win the elections, it will be a major spoiler,” Ramani points out.

Bhim Yatra: A Journey for Protest and Hope

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Newsclick Production, April 19, 2016

Bhim Yatra.jpg

‘Bhim Yatra’, a 125-day-long bus journey covering more than 35,000 km across 500 districts in the country’s 29 states was launched on International Human Rights Day to commemorate B R Ambedkar’s 125th birth anniversary, culminated in Delhi at Ambedkar Bhavan. The yatris are family members of workers killed by hazardous fumes while they were inside manholes and sewage lines. They demanded complete modernisation and mechanisation of the sanitation system in India.

Rafale Jet Deal Doesn't Comply with 'Make in India' slogan.

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Newsclick Production, April 19, 2016


Newsclick is republishing this interview in the light of final agreement on Rafale deal.

Tax Evasion Drives the Global Economy

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Newsclick Production, April 17, 2016


On April 3rd, 2016, a trove of 11.5 million leaked documents from the world’s fourth biggest offshore law firm, the Panamanian services company Mossack Fonseca, were brought to light by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists through a large network of media partners.

TMC’s Win in Bengal Elections Will Not Be Easy

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Newsclick Production, April 16, 2016


Mamata Banerjee led Trinamool Congress(TMC) is facing a tough fight in West Bengal assembly election. The incidents happened in last five years shows, the TMC government couldn't live up to the aspirations of the people voted it to power. Many of the leaders of the authoritarian government are allegedly involved in scams and corruption issues.The Saradha chitfund scam and Narada Sting operation show the level of corruption in the state. 

Newsclick interviewed Dr. Amit Sengupta to discuss issues related to the election. Dr. Sengupta said that, it would be erroneous to assume that TMC would sweep the West Bengal poll. The Left and the Congress giving a good fight to TMC. The general mood amongst the people reflects the TMC government’s failure in policies and governance. The BJP, which gained some votes in the last Lok Sabha election in 2014, doesn’t seem to gain any more this time. He said, there is a muted alliance between TMC and BJP as far as the parliamentary affairs are concerned.

Babasaheb Ambedkar and the Nefarious Agenda of the RSS

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Newsclick Production, April 14, 2016

Anand Teltumbde.png

Newsclick interviewed Civil Rights Activist and author Anand Teltumbde on the issues of appropriation of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar by the right wing forces in the country. Teltumbde feels that not only the right wing but most of the ruling parties are trying to do it for the electoral benefits while they have no connection with his ideology or understanding historically. The RSS and views of Baba Saheb on the caste system and Hindu religion are very contradictory.

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