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Prof. C.P. Chandrasekhar on Union Budget 2009-10

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Newsclick.in Production, 14 July 2009


IS, Tikrit and Changing Strategic Alignments in Iraq and Syria

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Newsclick Production, March 17, 2015

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Newsclick interviewed Prof. Aijaz Ahmed, well-known political analyst, to discuss the new developments in Iraq, Syria and the role of Iran in the fight against Islamic State (IS) in and around Tikrit. Prof. Aijaz explains the strategic interest of Iran in stabilising Iraq and Syria. He also addresses the contradictory stand of the US in fighting IS. Aijaz feels that the US policy could be a possible strategic trap for Iran. The US would support, for example, Jabhat ul Nusra against Assad in Syria to bleed Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. This would also explain why the US does not want a defeat of the IS, and therefore its lack of participation in the current offensive of the Baghdad forces. Interestingly, we are also seeing a new alignment on the ground -- Iran, Iraq, Syria and Kurds, all joining hands to fight the IS.

The BJP-PDP: Clash of Views or a Charade?

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Newsclick Production, March 14, 2015


Newsclick interviewed Gautam Navlakha, Writer and Human Rights Activist to discuss the latest events in Jammu and Kashmir. According to Gautam, J&K is dependent on the Central government for maintenance of law and order as Ministry of Home Affairs and Defence controls much of it in the state. He says that the PDP alliance with BJP is to avoid the hostility from the central government (BJP). Gautam also discusses Article 370, AFSPA and release of political prisoners in the state. Separatist leader Masarat Alam’s release is only because all legal measures that could be taken against him by the central or state governments were exhausted. Both sides are fighting a shadow battle to please respective their constituencies, the reality is there is no way of keeping Masarat Alam behind bars without falling foul of the law.

U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela Denounced by Latin American Leaders

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Courtesy: threalnews.com, March 11, 2015


Miguel Tinker-Salas says U.S. attempts to destabilize Maduro's government will backfire

The Republic of Ban

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Newsclick Production, March 9, 2015

Githa Hariharan

With the ban on the documentary film, 'India's Daughter' it becomes evident that the ban culture now is only an extension of larger ideological motive of the current government. Bans now extending from films to writers to even beef, the government feels it has the right to monitor what people should watch, read and eat. Writer, Githa Hariharan discusses this culture of bans with filmmaker Nakul Singh Sawhney from Newsclick and its implications.

The Railway Budget 2015 – Lipstick on a pig?

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Newsclick Production,27 February 2015


The 2015 railway budget has evoked mixed responses from the country in general.  While some have pointed to perceived deficiencies such as a failure to cut ticket prices or introduce new trains, others point to how the budget proposal focuses on speeding up trains and ensuring that the railways are cleaner and safer.  Newsclick speaks to D Raghunandan from the All India Peoples Science Network and the Delhi Science Forum on whether the first rail budget presented by the Modi government actually means ‘acche din’ for rail use

Teesta Setalvad Speaking on her Anticipatory Bail

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Courtesy: Hillele TV, February 17, 2015


Teesta Setalvad speaks on not getting her anticipatory bail, on why legal advocacy is different and more difficult from all other other kinds of advocacies and Zakia Jaffery case.

Teesta Setalvad: A Witch-Hunt to Silence Dissent

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Newsclick Production, February 15, 2015

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Newsclick Interviewed Teesta Seetalvad on the case filed against her by the Gujarat Police and the high court judgment denial of anticipatory bail, which later was stayed by Supreme Court.  Teesta termed it as a witch-hunt by the Gujarat government because of her struggle to bring to book the perpetrators of the 2002 Gujarat Riots.

Reforming Cricket Administration in India: A Long Haul

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Newsclick Production, January 31, 2015

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Srinivasan Ramani of the Economic and Political Weekly is asked about his views on the recent Supreme Court judgement on the IPL fixing case and other issues. He welcomes the judgement that seeks to address the conflict of interest issue in the IPL's functioning but suggests that much more needs to be done in order to truly reform cricket, even sport administration in the country. That job can't be entrusted to just the government, which has vested interests in maintaining the BCCI as it is, he says.

Why Half the Censor Board Quit: Film Certification, Autonomy and Cinematic Freedom in India Today

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Newsclick Production, January 23, 2015

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Newsclick spoke to Prof. Ira Bhaskar of JNU on her recent resignation from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). Prof. Bhaskar says that the chief reasons why she and several others quit the board were – extensive interference by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, rampant corruption and mismanagement patronized by the same ministry, and complete governmental disregard for proposals of reform. She points out how despite repeated pleas by board members for a thoroughgoing streamlining of the functioning of the CBFC, gross irregularities were allowed to continue. This led to constant erosion of the credibility of the CBFC as an institution, rendering it increasingly susceptible to political pressures. A transparent film certification process is essential for the preservation of cinematic freedom. The ongoing flooding of the CBFC with individuals openly affiliated with the BJP and the RSS is a direct threat to the right to artistic freedom in India. It is a part of the current regime’s onslaught on the space for debate and dissent.

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